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Product Key Facts1

iEdge Southeast Asia+ TECH Index
Passive management with Representative Sampling Strategy
20 June 2023
SGX-ST – Main Board 
1 Share
Around 1 SGD (Trading Board Lot Size x Price per share)
EIP (Excluded Investment Product)
0.99% per annum of the Net Asset Value
DBS Trustee Limited

1. Source: CSOP, as of 3 June 2023.

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Global Industrial Relocation is Shifting to Southeast Asia, Supported by a Favorable Demographic Structure

Global Industrial Relocation is Shifting to Southeast Asia, Supported by a Favorable Demographic Structure

Favorable Demographics

SEA + India has population of 2084 million and working population of 1407 million, accounting for 27.4% of the world's total, coupled with low labor costs.2

Strong Export

The total value of ASEAN’s exports of goods increased from US$474 billion in 2003 to US$1,713 billion in 2021. High-tech sectors played an important role and is expected to continue growing in the coming years.4

Exports from Southeast Asia have surged over the past decade3

Exports from Southeast Asia have surged over the past decade

Industrial Relocation

The United States, Japan, the Four Asian Tigers, and China are the main beneficiaries of the previous four rounds of industrial relocations. Strong export data indicates that it is now the fifth round - Transfer to Southeast Asia.4

The fifth round of industrial relocation has started, benefitting high-end manufacturing industries in Southeast Asia4

The fifth round of industrial relocation has started, benefitting high-end manufacturing industries in Southeast Asia

2. World Population Prospects, United Nations Population Division, July 2022;
3. ASEANstats 2021, The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC);
4. Sealand Securities research. The map is only for convenience of illustration and does not imply any political stance.

For illustration purpose only. Not to be construed as recommendation to buy/sell in the above-mentioned securities, sectors and/or jurisdictions.


Digital Economy in Southeast Asia is Developing Rapidly, Benefitting from a Booming Middle Class

Strong Economic Growth Expectation

“Southeast Asia (SEA) + India” is the world’s third largest economy next to the US and China, and its economic growth rate will be the highest in 2023-2027.5

Booming Middle Class and New Consumers

By 2030, ASEAN will contribute 140 million new consumers to the world, representing 1/6 of the world’s new consumer class. ASEAN’s middle-class is expected to include 67% of the region’s total population by 2030. 6

Fast-growing Internet Sector

The penetration rate of Internet users in Southeast Asia is still low, and its digital economy. India’s digital economy grew at CAGR of 16%, while the digital economy in Southeast Asia grew at CAGR of 24% in 2019-2022.7

Internet Sectors in Southeast Asia Expected to Register the double-digit CAGR in Next 3 Years8

Internet Sectors in Southeast Asia Expected to Register the double-digit CAGR in Next 3 Years

Generates Demand for Internet Services

Generates Demand for Internet Services

5. Morgan Stanley, Financial Times
6. World Economic Forum
7. e-Conomy SEA 2022, Google, TEMASEK, BAIN & Company
8. The Reserve Bank of India. The latest data available as of 15 February 2023
9. Online Media includes videos, music, gaming and advertisement.
10. FinTech including digital payments, digital remittance, lending loan online, online investment and online insurance.

For illustration purpose only. Not to be construed as recommendation to buy/sell in the above-mentioned securities, sectors and/or jurisdictions.



Index Methodology and Information

Index Details


  1. Country Eligibility (by domicile):
    India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia
  2. Sector Eligibility:
    1. Sector Inclusion: Business Services, Consumer Retail, Consumer Vehicles & Parts, Electronic Components & Manufacturing, Food & Staples Retail, Hardware, Industrial Services, etc.
    2. Sector Exclusion: Energy, Healthcare, selected Utilities classifications, and selected Telco classifications
  3. Revenue Threshold:
    revenue threshold of 30~50% (Depending on nature of the company) from the above qualified industries
  4. Liquidity Threshold


Top 30 weighted by Free-float Market Cap (Adjusted based on Foreign Ownership Limit of the stock)




Maximum cap of single stock is 10%
Maximum weight of 50% for India-domiciled companies


A newly listed security will be added to the index if its full market capitalization ranks within the top 10 of the existing constituents on its first trading day


Quarterly in March, June, September and December


Holdings, Sector Breakdown & Exposure

Top 10 Holdings11

No. Bloomberg Ticker Constituent Name Country of Listing Sector Index Weight
1. SE UN EQUITY Sea Ltd UNITED STATES Food and Staples Retail 13.20%
2. DELTA-R TB EQUITY Delta Electronics Thailand PCL THAILAND Electronic Components and Manufacturing 12.34%
3. ASII IJ EQUITY Astra International Tbk PT INDONESIA Miscellaneous Retail 9.53%
4. INFY UN EQUITY Infosys Ltd UNITED STATES Software and Consulting 9.26%
5. WIT UN EQUITY Wipro Ltd UNITED STATES Software and Consulting 9.16%
6. GRAB UW EQUITY Grab Holdings Ltd UNITED STATES Industrial Services 8.93%
7. VMS SP EQUITY Venture Corp Ltd SINGAPORE Electronic Components and Manufacturing 7.16%
8. JCNC SP EQUITY Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd SINGAPORE Miscellaneous Retail 4.26%
9. EMTK IJ EQUITY Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk PT INDONESIA Media and Publishing Services 2.94%
10. MMYT UW EQUITY MakeMyTrip Ltd UNITED STATES Hospitality Services 2.43%

Sector Breakdown11

Sector Breakdown

Exposure by Country of Listing11

Exposure by Country of Listing

Exposure by Geographic Revenue11

Exposure by Geographic Revenue

11. SGX, as of 31 March 2023; iEdge, as of 31 March 2023.

For illustration purpose only. Not to be construed as recommendation to buy/sell in the above-mentioned securities, sectors and/or jurisdictions.




1 Year 3 Year13 5 Year13 10 Year13
Annualized Returns -7.09% 44.69% 14.26% 10.2%
Latest 12M Dividend Yield (%) 1.92%
Market Capitalization 136.59 Billion USD
Standard Deviation14 25.38% 27.58% 27.37% 22.55%
Maximum Drawdown -19.19% -30.33% -32.13% -40.38%
Sharpe Ratio14 -0.28 1.62 0.52 0.45

12. SGX, as of 31 March 2023;
13. Returns are reported on an annualised basis.
14. Standard deviations are calculated using monthly returns. The interest rate component of Sharpe ratio has been set to 0. The values represent the annualized ratio of expected return to volatility.

For illustration purpose only. Not to be construed as recommendation to buy/sell in the above-mentioned securities, sectors and/or jurisdictions.

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