Chinese Government Bond Index ETF

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Product Key Facts

USD counter ticker CYB
SGD counter ticker CYC
Index FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index
Investment strategy Representative Sampling Strategy
Listing NAV per share 10 USD
AUM* 1,546,067,544 USD
Listing date September 21, 2020
Base currency RMB
Trading currencies Primary Market Creation / Redemption – RMB, USD and SGD
Secondary Market Trading – SGD and USD
Management fee 0.25%
Yield to maturity^ 2.74%
Indicative coupon^ 3.10%
Credit quality A1/A+ by Moody’s/S&P
Distribution Semi-annual in June and December in USD

* Source: SGX, as of 17 August, 2021
^ Yield and indicative duration are as represented by index data. Refer to prospectus for more details for the fund key facts.

Government Bond Index ETF
  1. The first ETF listed on SGX with direct access to China onshore bond market – too important to miss out
    • China bond market – 2nd largest bond market in the world
      The size of China bond market: over USD18 trillion, the second largest bond market in the world1.
    • Higher yield and lower correlation
      China onshore bonds tend to offer a higher yield relative to other major economies2 and have lower correlation with global bonds could potentially help improve the investment’s diversification3.

      The ICBC CSOP FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index ETF provides a new source of yield with relatively high quality (A1/A+ by Moody’s/S&P).

      Diversification benefits – low correlation of onshore China government bonds vs. other major government bond indexes globally.

      FTSE China Government Bond Index Correlation vs World Government Bond Index components4
      Mar 2009 - Jul 2021 FTSE China
      GBI USD
      FTSE US
      GBI LCL
      FTSE EMU
      GBI USD
      FTSE UK
      GBI USD
      FTSE Japan
      GBI USD
      FTSE China
      GBI USD
      FTSE US
      GBI LCL
      0.06 1
      FTSE EMU
      GBI USD
      0.24 0.11 1
      FTSE UK
      GBI USD
      0.24 0.29 0.53 1
      FTSE Japan
      GBI USD
      0.16 0.52 0.27 0.27 1
      (as of July 31, 2021)
      2.69% 0.81% -0.12% 0.67% 0.14%

      China - US 10-Year Government Bond Yield Spread (%)
      Higher than Historical Average

    • Relative stable exchange rate of RMB compared with other major currencies

      Currency Volatility5
  2. Tracking FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index to capture the investment opportunities brought by increasing fund inflows into China onshore bond market
    • Fast increasing foreign investment into China onshore bonds
      As of July 2021, foreign institutions hold more than CNY3.7 trillion (over USD580 billion) of onshore China bonds, more than 5 times of the amount held as of 2015. Even though, the foreign holding of China onshore bonds was just around 3.5%, severely underinvested by global institutions6.

      Foreign Institution Holding of Onshore China Bonds (CNY Billion)7

      With further opening up, China’s onshore bond market presents attractive opportunities to global investors.
    • Index inclusion to lead more overseas inflows into China onshore bond market
      Once all the three major global bond index providers finish inclusion of Chinese onshore bonds into their global indices, it is expected to attract over USD300 billion8 of inflows into China onshore bond market in aggregate. The upcoming FTSE WGBI’s China inclusion should in theory bring around USD140 billion9 of inflow given the index’s big client base.

  1. Source: Bloomberg, as of August 17, 2021
  2. Bloomberg, annual yield of GCNY10YR Index (2.88%) compared with USGG10YR Index (1.26%), GJGB10 Index (0.02%) and GDBR10 Index (-0.47%), as of August 17, 2021
  3. FTSE Russell, correlation matrix of FTSE China GBI USD, FTSE US GBI LCL, FTSE EMU GBI USD, FTSE UK GBI USD and FTSE Japan GBI USD, as of July 2021
  4. Source: FTSE Russell, from March 2009 to July 2021
  5. Source: Bloomberg. Based on 260-day historical volatility of GBP, JPY and EUR, as of August 17, 2021
  6. CCDC and Shanghai Clearing, as of July 2021
  7. Source: CCDC, Shanghai Clearing, as of July 2021
  8. Source: FTSE, Bloomberg, JPMorgan, UBS estimates as of 7 September 2020
  9. Estimated figure for reference only, based on China’s full weight if it were included in FTSE WGBI’s July 2021 index

FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index

Index facts10
Index Name
FTSE China Government Bond Index (CGBI)
Includes fixed-rate book-entry government bonds issued in Mainland China. Excludes zero-coupon bonds, saving bonds, bonds with maturity greater than 30 years from issuance, and bonds issued prior to January 1, 2005.
No. of Holdings
Market Value (CNY bn)
Duration (years)
Credit Quality
A1/A+ by Moody’s/S&P

Index performance
History index level (in currency, unhedged)11

FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index

FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index

Unhedged Unhedged Hedged Unhedged Hedged Unhedged Hedged Unhedged Hedged
YTD* 3.55 4.89 1.95 8.23 1.48 3.12 1.85 11.50 1.73
1 Year 4.10 12.53 1.31 12.22 0.48 6.23 1.07 16.81 0.87
2 Years 4.13 7.53 2.30 4.20 0.91 0.91 1.72 8.11 1.13
3 Years 4.46 6.42 3.22 5.94 1.27 4.37 2.24 5.72 1.45

*Not annualized


Description # of Issues Par Amount* Market Value* Market Weight (%) Average Coupon (%) Average Life (Years) Yield to Maturity (%) Effective Duration
CNGBI 49 9,962.72 10,274.53 100.00 3.10 7.02 2.69 5.56
1-3 Years 17 3,367.75 3,450.18 33.58 2.89 1.86 2.36 1.79
3-5 Years 12 2,331.50 2,403.71 23.39 3.30 4.10 2.60 3.82
5-7 Years 8 1,503.02 1,557.65 15.16 3.17 5.99 2.73 5.43
7-10 Years 7 1,675.69 1,716.09 16.70 3.13 8.47 2.88 7.40
20+ Years 5 1,084.76 1,146.91 11.16 3.76 28.48 3.49 17.97

*In CNY billions

  1. Source: FTSE Russell, as of July 31, 2021.
  2. Source: FTSE Russell, as of July 31, 2021. YTD returns are not annualized.

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Source: Bloomberg, from 1 Jan, 2018 to 31 Dec, 2019

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